Seeing the silver lining

The silver lining

Not all days are dark …

We get frustrated at our progress from time to time. It happens to me too and I’ve already shared a few of those times with you. I’m human too. I agree, it IS a little easier for me because I run a weight loss website. I’m thinking about this topic day and night. I do know what is around and what is working. I do have a head start; but I still go through most of the tough times that you do. So, today I’m going to point out that there are good times too.

At the time of writing, I’ve hit the “lost 20 kg” mark. That’s about 44 pounds for those that think in imperial measures. I’m pretty pleased.

Surprisingly, after all the tough times, my natural inclination is to dismiss it as a “one off”, a fluke. You see, last night’s loss was significant. I was getting close – but it has been a slow journey and this doesn’t fit.

The facts are:
* I’m using the same set of scales.
* They haven’t been changed or adjusted.
* I’m putting them in the same spot when I measure.

If this happens to you, and I do hope it does, just enjoy it.

We go through so much to achieve our goals. We deserve to enjoy the occasional successes. Don’t question them. Don’t, “Yeah but ….” Enjoy them.

Picture: fdecomite / CC BY

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