Perils of weight loss

It turns out that losing weight isn’t without some drawbacks…

We all know there are benefits and, generally, the process is worthwhile. However, there are some problems you are going to face as you start to succeed. The biggest one I’m facing at the moment is “trousers”.

No doubt you’ve seen all those ads or logos on lots of websites. They look great. They are a really good way to show weight loss. They all show a pair of trousers or jeans where the waist is much larger than the occupant. Probably lots, or at least some, of them are just for the purpose of illustration. I find them good because I never started this journey with much in the way of expectations so I didn’t bother with any “before” shots to go with the “after” ones I’m now happy to take. Being able to put on a pair of trousers and show just how big the difference in my waistline now is sure makes it pretty obvious.

My point for this article is the difference looks great but it introduces some practical problems too.

I know the girls will all be excited about going out and getting a new wardrobe, several sizes smaller. This is exciting for them and so it should be too.

However, for many of us guys, we’re not really all that excited about shopping and it is more a problem than an opportunity. Oh yes, we could just go shopping, and many will. For me though, I’m putting money into things for kids and paying bills and it is actually somewhat inconvenient to need new clothes. Don’t get me wrong. It is a good thing. There are far many more benefits than problems. I’m just saying that some of us won’t have either thought it’d ever happen; and some of us that finally thought it possible, might not have actually thought the consequences through. Stupid really. Probably all of you that have done this before are well aware of it but for those of us new to the process it can be a surprise.

It started with the belt getting better. Fortunately my belt has lots of holes (it’s just part of the design – it looks better that way). I started by tightening the belt a few more (and more) notches. It was great.

The interesting thing is that, despite all the belt holes, eventually it gets to a point where you need to bunch up the material in the waistband. I’d never had that problem before.

Of course, if I’d still had my old trousers, I could have migrated back to those. But, I gave them a sad farewell long ago and never thought I’d ever have a use for them again. It’s quite a strange and unexpected problem.

It is also one that I hope you get to share.

The solution is simple. Spend the money, if only a little, and get some smaller clothes. It’s really very exciting.

Picture: globalcosmic / CC BY

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