Rabbits and Life

This isn’t about weight loss. It’s a bit broader

There are rabbits where I work. There is a car park near a large grassy area and the rabbits moved in some time back and stayed.

It’s a pleasant stroll over the grass to the office. I could park a little closer but the walk is good for me and it isn’t that much further.

Each morning I look for them. Some days they’re there. Other days they’re hiding or sleeping in. I see them less when the days are warmer but, so far, they’re always there.

Recently I thought about their life. It is actually a pretty good one. They dig a nice burrow somewhere. It is warm, out of the wind and rain and probably pretty comfortable. They sleep until they feel like getting up. They peer out and, if safe, go and munch on some grass. There’s plenty of grass around. When it gets too hot they’re back inside out of the heat. It’s a pretty good life. There’s other rabbits to chat to or, if they don’t chat somehow, to at least hang out with.

I’m sure there are hazards and maybe they’ll over populate and eat themselves out of grass. Life’s never a guarantee. Despite all that, it can be a good parallel for us.

I work pretty hard in my day job. I strive to produce good results and to be of value. Most times I succeed. Sometimes I don’t but those just fire me up to try harder the next day. As people, we do strive. Some more. Some less. Most of us want to win. We want to succeed. I like that and, in my opinion, that’s fine.

It is, however, rather different to the rabbits. No matter what happens they can always find somewhere to dig a burrow. There’ll be places with more grass and less grass but they can move. So long as they have a roof over their head and something to eat, they’ll do fine.

The rabbits are quite calming. They hop around a lot – often at great speed – but I find them very peaceful. They’re a great way to start my work day.

I wish you rabbits (whilst understanding that in some places too many is a bad thing – I mean it nicely).

Picture Jean-Jacques Boujot / CC BY

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