Exercise to Calories

As a guide, for a 40 year old weighing 80 Kg (about 176 pounds), 30 minutes of

Activity Burns
Walking (medium) 172 calories
Jogging 280 calories
Running (slow) 332 calories
Swimming 400 calories

Of course if you have an exercise machine at home or in the gym, they often come with counters that’ll give you an idea of how you’re going – and whether you can stop yet.

Please bear in mind that age, weight, gender and how hard you are doing the exercise will affect your results. If you eat 1500 calories a day and the exercise calculator says 1500 calories burnt but you put on weight, you aren’t burning that many calories. (Or you forgot to count something you ate.) The real test is always “is the combination working for you?” If not, increase the exercise or reduce the food a little.

The above figures are based on a good calculator at the British Heart Foundation. Try it if you want to check different exercises or adjust the age or weight up or down.

What’s that in pounds?

The widely accepted figure is 3500 calories = 1 pound of extra weight. (In metric, this is “about every 3000 KJ adds 0.1 Kg.”)