Quick Weight Loss Tips

quick weight loss tips - do a lot of riding

There are times when you need to lose some weight before an event. It might be a wedding, a reunion or any of the other life events that surround us. If this is you then what you need are quick weight loss tips.

Be warned though, if you are just after quick weight loss tips, they are unlikely to be lasting. I’m not ruling out lasting but the way it usually goes is you do a lot of something for a short time. You get a lot of results after the short time, but the level of effort that went in is not sustainable. Think about it. You don’t mind putting yourself out a bit if there is a benefit and it isn’t for too long. These are where quick weight loss tips come in. They’ll get you somewhere fast.

After you achieve your goal and turn up to your event, I would suggest you look at some of the other weight loss tips. There are long-term benefits to staying at a healthy weight.

Okay, that’s all been said. Now to the quick weight loss tips:

You can lose more weight by exercising than by cutting food. Look at it this way: there is only so much food you can cut out; but there is an almost unlimited amount of exercise you can add. If you have to lose weight fast the best tip I can give you is to exercise a lot more. You’ll find a number of quick weight loss tips on this site that talk about the different exercises you can do. Some work faster than others. Some are better for different parts of the body. Look around the site.

If you must cut food then please do that in moderation. The end point of starvation is not ‘thin’, it is ‘dead’. An important quick weight loss tip is that your body needs nutrition. Without it you do lose weight but you also get hungry and become sick and frail. You’ll also have less energy not more. If you are trying to lose weight for an event you are probably trying to look better at the event. A frail, weak and lifeless person is not the image you are actually after. If you must cut food significantly the quick weight loss tip comes down to this: there are limits you shouldn’t go below and please see your doctor if any concerns arise. I can’t stress that enough.

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Picture by Patrick Goossens / CC BY-SA