Weight Loss Tips for Men

weight loss tips for men - put the car away for now

For men, weight loss is a whole lot easier. If you’re on this page because you are a man and are looking at losing a few pounds then be encouraged.

Men don’t usually focus on weight loss. As you’ve probably noticed, it is the girls that discuss this topic the most whilst us guys will ignore their chatter and go on about sports or cars or work.

The first of the weight loss tips for men is to actually think about it. We tend to ignore it and our weight slowly works its way upwards simply because “we’re not as fit as we once were.” Many of us ignore it because we know we could do something about it if we decide to, and then put the whole matter off.

Men’s health is often tied to weight. Yes, there are other issues but weight is a contributing factor for many of those too. There is a lot to be said for spending a little bit of time on fixing this now. You’ll have more energy to do things afterwards. Things will be easier, and you’ll impress your mates as well as earn the respect of your wife or girlfriend. (There’s never a guarantee on that last one but, if you’re doing something they’re interested in, then it usually helps.)

Men are built differently to women and this really helps if you’ve decided to lose some weight. For a start, we burn more calories just by being alive. It’s true. It takes more energy to maintain a male body than a female one. I’m sure there are exceptions here and there but in statistical studies this rule holds.

Another generality: we are more naturally inclined towards activities and exercise. It’s not always true and if a woman chooses to be “sportie” then many of them will run rings around us – unless we lift our intention to similar levels. This leads to another of the weight loss tips for men. This is simply there are exercises or activities that we probably used to do and enjoy and which would help us lose weight fairly easily.

One more of the key weight loss tips for men is, whilst it is easier for us, we still need to do it. Thinking about it doesn’t make it happen. There is still some work involved.

There are lots of other weight loss tips for men on this site. Have a look around. Weight loss tips for men include most of those for women too.

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