Weight Loss Tips for Women

weight loss tips for women are more difficult

In many ways weight loss is much more difficult for women. It is an unfortunate truth.

Some argue that it is because of the caring and nurturing role that women are, generally speaking, more suited to than the average bloke. Historically and biologically a woman’s body tends to be more rounded and curvy. There are parts that are supposed to be soft rather than hard. I don’t know how much of that argument is valid and how much is just a stereotype. Suffice to say many women are keen to lose weight from certain parts of their body and reluctant to lose it from others. This by itself makes the task a little more difficult. Weight loss tips for women often need to factor this in.

One of the medical factors that does enter in, is that womens’ bodies do burn less calories at rest than a man’s does. This makes it really difficult when a woman diets with a male partner. It can be devastating to see him lose quickly whilst she does all the same things yet loses less. There are a range of weight loss tips for women that address this aspect and help her survive despite the unfairness of it all.

There are also a range of other issues that weight loss tips for women have to address. These include pregnancy – both before and after birth, and more generally the different hormones that make a woman’s body run differently to a man’s.

Dieting whilst pregnant is a general “no-no.” Dieting whilst breast-feeding poses it’s own difficulties yet many women are motivated after giving birth to recover their original body shape. There are weight loss tips for women that address that too.

Some weight loss programs are specially designed for women. They take into account the different hormone levels in a woman’s body and adjust the exercise and diet regime to better suit her needs. They also point out that many of the standard exercises around today were developed for mens’ bodies. Some exercises are more effective for women than other exercises.

Picture by katmary / CC BY